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Thick and Thin is in — Not Your Mother’s Porcelain Tile Part 2

Kronos Pennsylvania collection color True Blue installed around a beautiful swimming pool outdoors.

Kronos Pennsylvania collection color True Blue


The following is from an article originally written for ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).

Previously we introduced the idea of thin tile.  This Thin Porcelain Tile can be used in versatile and designers are already coming up with imaginative uses using its unique characteristics.  For more information about thin tile, read Part 1 of this post!

2cm tile for exterior installations

At the opposite end of the thickness spectrum is 2cm tile.  The tile is just as it states – 2 centimeters thick porcelain tile.  This is yet another tile format that is reducing installation time and costs and is pushing design in new directions.  2cm tile brings the same benefits as its thinner brothers but is meant to replace outdoor stone or cement pavers.  It can be installed using thinset mortar, but it is usually loose-laid on crushed gravel, sand or grass creating a visually stunning and easily installed outdoor surface.  Whereas stone carries the risks of scratches, stains, pitting, uneven wear along with the need to be sealed on a regular basis, 2cm outdoor porcelain tile resists wear and tear and is very low maintenance.

Wide range of facial designs

Thanks to the advances in digital printing that allow porcelain tile to be nearly indistinguishable from natural wood or stone, both thin and 2cm tile are available in finishes that mimic a wide variety of materials.  These new tile dimensions have added to the already amazing qualities of porcelain tile and once again, manufacturers have produced a material that frees the imagination to shape reality into the stuff of designers’

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