The Next Generation of Tile Installation Underlayment Has Arrived

The Next Generation of Tile Installation Underlayment Has Arrived

The use of underlayment has been a longstanding practice in the realm of ceramic tile and stone installation, serving as a crucial element to insulate or “uncouple” these materials from the substrate beneath. This essential process addresses and prevents numerous issues associated with tile installations, such as tile loosening and cracking.

Laticrete Strata Mat Tile Installation Underlayment

Traditionally, underlayments were constructed from plywood, necessitating intricate and time-consuming installation procedures. However, with the advent of contemporary materials like the Laticrete Strata_Mat, the landscape of tile installation underlayment has undergone a transformative shift. This evolution has resulted in a more reliable, versatile, and cost-effective process.

The Strata_Mat represents a significant advancement in underlayment materials. It not only eliminates the transmission of cracks up to 1/8th inch in size but also introduces innovative features such as hydration vents for expedited curing, visible chalk lines for easier installation, and compatibility with both modified and unmodified mortars. In essence, the Strata_Mat is a testament to the progress in creating underlayment materials that meet and exceed the expectations of tile installers, making it a dream product for those in the trade.

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