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Getting Your Bathroom Tile Right

Designing a tranquil and luxurious bathroom involves a meticulous blend of lighting, cabinets, hardware, and, of course, tiles. However, choosing the right tile for your bathroom can be a challenging task. To guide you through this process, consider the following tips:

Firstly, accurate measurements are crucial. Have a clear understanding of the space you intend to tile, and always purchase extra tiles to avoid the frustration of running out mid-project. Adequate planning ensures a seamless and stress-free installation.

Before making any decisions, envision how your chosen tiles will harmonize with the overall bathroom design. Consider whether you’ll need to cut tiles to fit specific areas or if you want to incorporate decorative trim. This foresight allows for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing result.

If you’re contemplating adding pebble-styled flooring to your shower stall, be mindful that these types of tiles may take longer to drain than their flat counterparts. Factor in functionality alongside aesthetics to create a balanced and practical bathroom space.

Before committing to a large order, bring home a few tile samples. This step is essential to ensure that the chosen tiles complement the overall design, color scheme, and lighting of your bathroom. Testing samples in the actual space provides a more accurate preview of the final look.

Conestoga Tile, with showrooms in Columbia, Harrisburg, and Sterling, Virginia, offers a convenient way to explore and choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in navigating through the extensive selection, ensuring that you find the ideal tiles to elevate your bathroom design. Visit a Conestoga Tile showroom near you and let us help you turn your bathroom vision into a reality.

Photo Source: Houzz