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The Importance of Ordering Extra Tile for Your Project

Far too often, we see consumers who are in need of extra tile for one reason or another that are disappointed to learn that the particular tile they need is no longer produced. That’s why we here at Conestoga Tile highly recommend ordering extra tile to have on hand.

While a quality tile installation can last between 40 and 50 years (as long as the homeowner or future homeowners are comfortable with the style and appearance), the unexpected can happen. Tiles can be chipped or broken simply by accident. Dishwashers or other intrusive water or moisture issues can cause subfloor problems, which could require that tiles be removed from a certain area of the floor in order to address the issue. Or, the homeowner or future homeowners may decide to remodel, which could lead to walls being removed to create open space, cabinets moved, and bathrooms made larger, which could require for additional tiles if the original decorative scheme will be continued.

These reasons, and many others we haven’t listed, are good reasons to consider ordering a small amount of additional tile to store for the rare occasion that might call for a piece (or more) of the original product.  Having an extra stash of tile on hand means there’s no risk of not being able to find what you need because it is no longer in production!

As you’re planning for your next project that requires tile, be sure to leave room in the budget for ordering extra. You can discuss your needs with a consultant at a Conestoga Tile showroom, and your consultant will guide and assist you in selecting the perfect tile for your needs and budget. Contact us today.