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Linear Drains for Showers

Linear drains for showers come in a variety of looks and finishes and are quickly becoming the top choice for residential bathrooms, as well as for the renovated showers of smaller boutique hotels. Introduced as a sophisticated alternative to the traditional square or circular drain, Linear drains are a stylish choice.

As we mentioned, linear drains come in a variety of looks and finishes. Manufacturers offer assorted metal grate finishes along with styles that allow for the tile to be inserted into the top portion of the drain. These tile-in drains effectively make the drain “invisible,” as you only see the tiled surface of the shower floor.

Linear shower drains offer a number of other advantages to end-users, too. For example, end-users can incorporate larger format tiles onto the shower floor since a single slope to the drain is needed. Traditional drains require a continuous slope of the floor around the perimeter of the drain. This limits tile selection to smaller mosaic tiles only to accomodate this slope.

Linear shower drains create a sleek, smooth look that anyone can appreciate. If you’re thinking about a shower renovation, consider using this stylish drain option for a more visually appealing space. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Conestoga Tile. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and share our knowledge of this beautiful option with you.