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The Effects of Colors Part 2

Welcome to The Effects of Colors Part 2!
Our last entry was focused on explaining what certain colors can convey or mean in your room.  Take a look at our final five colors we’ve dissected for you below:


It makes us feel comfortable creating a safe environment. Brown is a great “basic” color and can be mixed with yellows, blues, reds and greens. Tip: Brown makes us feel at home.


It is feminine, delicate, and romantic. Often used in a children’s room because it creates a feeling of innocence. Tip: When using pink keep in mind that a bold pink gives off a different vibe than a soft pink.


A splash of sunshine in any space is sure to brighten up a room. Yellow represents inspiration and happiness. Tip: Pale yellow works well in any room without being overwhelming.


It’s one of the most stimulating colors creating excitement, energy, and passion. Choosing one wall in a dining room or living room will add a pop of color. Tip: For a more natural red choose one in the earth tone family similar to the color of a brick.


This color represents intelligence, wisdom, and discipline. Grey is said to be very versatile and goes with all colors. Tip: grey is very elegant for a more modern look accent with mustard yellow, blues, purple and black.

To create a color foundation, choose a scheme consisting of three colors a light, medium and dark color. Lighter colors should be used as a background. If a color seems too vivid, you can blend in a touch of brown, gray, or white. Your countertops and floors should coordinate and have a touch of the colors you choose.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on the effects of different colors. Visit Conestoga Tile to see our wide arrange of colorful tile!