The Effects of Colors Part 1 - Conestoga Tile

The Effects of Colors Part 1

Deciding on a color theme can be a challenge when building or decorating your home. Do you ever wonder why you get a certain feeling when you walk into a room?  It probably has a lot to do with the colors; colors create a mood in a room. Understanding the psychology of colors can help you decide on the feel you want your home or room to convey. There are different effects for each color.


It’s calming and cool it represents tranquility and is very orderly. For these reasons blue is often seen in a “spa” setting.  Blue would be good in a bedroom or bathroom. Tip: If you are using in a bathroom, cream or white towels are a great accent.


When we think of green, we typically think of nature and money. Green represents stability, balance, energy and life.  Tip: A dark green represents masculinity while a lime green says tranquility.


It’s artistic and stimulates imagination.  People who like purple tend to be creative, wise, and romantic. Tip: Try painting walls a calming shade of lilac for a sense of relaxation and serenity.


It’s clean and cool. Using whites will make a room feel fresh.  If you are looking for a warmer tone choose cream.  Tip: White is often used with black, which creates a more formal atmosphere.


It’s a sophisticated color both in our wardrobe and when used for decorating.  It represents elegance, ambition, and power. It should be used with caution and as an accent in your room. Tip: Black looks great on a staircase banister and fireplace mantel.  For an added pop, paint your staircase spindles white.  Also, black countertops look very clean and sophisticated in the kitchen.

These are only five of our ten colors broken down for you.  Stay tuned for the next five colors!