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Stay Warm During the Coldest Months with Nuheat

Stay Warm During the Coldest Months with Nuheat

Shelve those fears of cold winter days with floor heating by NuHeat. Source: morgueFile

Say goodbye to the chill of winter and warm your home with Nuheat. Nuheat is at the cutting-edge of floor heating, providing products that will efficiently warm up any room in the home. In many cases, floor heating will allow you to reduce your reliance on forced air heating.

Floor radiant heating is one of the greenest and most efficient ways to heat a home. Instead of warm air blowing around the room and quickly moving toward the ceiling, heat from radiant floors generally stays more in your actual living area. It is also a healthier heating option because NuHeat is sealed beneath your floor and does not circulate dust or other allergens throughout the air.

The Nuheat Flooring System provides heat by installing electrified mat(s), or cables, beneath newly installed tile flooring. These mats are placed in the thinset that holds your tile in place, and it’s approximately one-eighth of an inch thick. Installing Nuheat will not cause a noticeable difference in the height of your flooring. The heat is then controlled via a separate thermostat.

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