Amenity Space - Conestoga Tile

Amenity Spaces

A lounge or amenity space with Wonderwall Botany tile installed on the floors and walls. Cotto D'este Wonderwall Botany used to create an accent wall. Featured on the floor is Cotto D'este Allure Paonazzetto Glossy.
A bar or amenity space with Florida Tile Canal Street installed on the floor.
Florida Tile Canal Street installed in a hotel lobby.
Edimax Concert mosaic used to create a classic floor.
A modern swimming pool or amenity space with Ascot Gemstone tile installed on the pool deck. Ascot Gemstone featured on columns in a pool area.
Mariner Petrified Wood installed in a restaurant.
A simple subway tile can be elevated by installing in a pattern of matte and gloss. Shown here is Florida Tile Fluent.
Milestone Native Polar installed on the floor of a hotel restaurant.
Mosaics and field tiles from Jeffrey Court Chapter 10 Eternal create a striking high-end bar.
A beautiful hotel lobby or amenity space with Cerdomus Supreme tile installed on the floors and walls. Cerdomus Supreme installed in a Hotel Lobby.