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How To Use Mediterranea’s “Boardwalk” Series To Design a Beach Themed Room

Mediterranea Boardwalk

Truly impressive tile is the result of well-imagined artistry and careful technological considerations. Modern methods are so advanced that tile design in the 21st century continues to produce new and impressive outcomes. Not the least of which is the Boardwalk by Mediterranea collection. This elegant and serene design is intended to evoke the style of classic seaside destinations from across the United States. These fully rectified tiles are an impressive 8”x48”. The larger size greatly increases the aesthetic possibilities of the tile. It is also available in 6“x 24” and accompanied by 3” x 24” bullnose trim pieces.

This collection exudes elegance and tranquility, aiming to capture the essence of classic seaside destinations scattered across the United States. What sets these tiles apart is their remarkable size – a generous 8” x 48”, a dimension previously unprecedented in U.S. tile manufacturing. This larger size opens up a world of aesthetic possibilities, all made possible through the exclusive Dynamic HD imaging inkjet design process. For those seeking a more standard size, the collection also offers 6“x 24” tiles, accompanied by 3” x 24” bullnose trim pieces to cater to various design needs.

The Boardwalk by Mediterranea design successfully encapsulates the sophistication found in exclusive seaside resorts and high-end residences in iconic locations like Atlantic City, Coney Island, Myrtle Beach, and Venice Beach. In fact, each of the four available colors is aptly named after one of these renowned coastal destinations. Utilizing these tiles in a room transforms the space into a haven of refined taste and an appreciation for life’s finer pleasures, all without appearing ostentatious. If you dream of recreating the soothing and calming effects of a leisurely walk by the sea, this collection is like a message in a bottle, delivering that coastal ambiance to your living space.