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How to Decorate a Coastal Theme

Creating a coastal themed décor is easier than you think. Find out ways to make your home a haven in the summer by decorating like you live at the beach. Even if you do not live at the beach, bring it to your home and live in a coastal inspired interior.

Begin this theme with neutrals in your home.  Skip the neutral beige and lean towards crisp whites, cool greys or even a sand brown. Use this for countertops, floors, backsplash and ceilings. Bring the ocean in by using deep, rich blues. Paint the walls a beautiful blue, or if you plan on switching your décor up seasonally, simply paint an accent wall. Choose your favorite color and use a color several shades lighter for the paint. Keep your favorite shade as a guide to match other items, such as fabrics and other accents. A handy little multi-colored paint chip can be labeled with a pen and easily taken along shopping.

Stripes are the epitome of nautical or coastal themes. Select a statement rug or a few accent pillows that have clean, neat stripes. Coastal or nautical inspired interiors are not limited to seashells and dolphins. Linen is a very coastal fabric. It can be used as upholstery, drapery or accent fabric. This material feels naturally soft and is cool to the touch. It can maintain a cool feeling because it is made with a relatively open weave, allowing it to breathe. Mix in natural or cream linen to add a simple feel to the coastal theme.

Incorporate natural elements. For example, fill candle hurricanes with sand and simply add a white candle with a fresh scent. If possible, shop for white candles that have coastal inspired scents. Fresh linen scents work nicely with this theme.

Hang artwork of coastal birds. Prints like these are not overwhelming and help achieve the naturalistic look that makes a coastal inspired theme achieved. Remember to layer and use natural materials. Seagrass accent and runner rugs look beautiful on a naturally stained hardwood-look tile floor. Use ropes as tie backs for drapery panels. This adds a subtle nautical feel that fits in nicely with the other natural elements incorporated into the coastal theme.

In summary, achieving a coastal theme is easy with the right decorating touches. Visit a Conestoga Tile showroom for more inspiration!