Greige is the new Beige - Conestoga Tile

“Greige” is the New Beige

Grey is becoming wildly popular. It is also taking over as the new neutral of choice and shoving beige right out of the way. It is such a wonderfully versatile neutral that can transform a space into something modern, traditional or even transitional. Find out how to use “greige” in your home!

This color can be used on walls, ceilings, floors, fabrics, upholstery, cabinets and countertops. There is really no limit to the many different routes that can be taken to achieve the desired design style. If you are not sure about what color palette to choose, start with greige! It is a safe choice with endless possibilities. Tones are the first avenue of exploration here.  Textures make a loud statement when working with a restricted palette of neutrals.

This neutral can be used as the perfect calming wall color. Pair grey walls with white or cream tile to create a perfectly balanced contrast. This will create a harmonious space that can be decorated and redecorated without having to change the paint color. Make sure and choose a paint with a flat or matte finish. Save the gloss finish for trim work.

Greige makes the perfect color for upholstery. It can be paired with any accent color and for that it is the perfect choice for furniture. There are so many tones of grey that can be used. Warm greys can make a space feel inviting and traditional while cooler greys can make a space feel more modern.

When using this incredibly versatile neutral, make sure there is enough contrast between the grey and other accent colors. This color can be paired with brightly colored accents, like coral, violet or turquoise or a more mellow choice, such as creams or muted mints, pinks and greens.

Be sure to have plenty of light when using a greige color palette. This color absorbs light, therefore ample light is needed in order to achieve a desired interior style. Natural light brightens the color up and alternative lighting may be needed to keep the space well lit.