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Helpful Tips and Measurements for Decorating

Once your new floor has been installed, you may be moved to completely rearrange the furniture in the room.  You will want the entire room to display the beauty of the floor!  However, it can be tricky to know the ideal distance between a coffee table and the sofa, or how to know what is an acceptable measurement for a walk way. Find out the important aspects and measurements that are taught in design classes!

The most important measurement to remember is that a walk way should be 30”-36”. In a commercial space the minimum is 36” wide to allow for wheel chair access. In residential spaces the typical walkway is anywhere from 26”-30”. However the wider you can make a pathway or walkway the better. Anything less than 26” wide feels tight. This is something you want to avoid. The goal is to have a floor plan that feels open and easy to navigate around. For really large rooms it is safe to keep a walkway clearance of 48”. It is a good rule of thumb to try and achieve a 36”-48” clear space for walkways within any space.

When hanging art work there is a certain measurement you should have between two or more pieces. Hanging two pieces together should have 2”-3” of space between the two pieces, depending on how big the wall space is. For groupings of three or more pieces of art work, keep 1”- 1 ½” apart between art. For a really big wall it is safe to keep art work 2”-3” apart between each piece. Artwork should also be hung at eye level. The average eye level height is about 5 feet. In a home with taller people you may want to raise that to 5 ½ feet.

There should be a 15” space between a coffee table and the sofa. This leaves enough leg room but also allows easy access to set down a beverage or magazine. End tables that are placed next to the sofa should be approximately 1”-2” below the sofa arm. Anything higher, makes the side tables feel top heavy; anything lower will feel short and hard to reach.

Now your design lesson for the day is complete.  Let us know in the comments how your finished room looks!