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The Next Generation of Tile Installation Has Arrived

Laticrete Strata Mat

Underlayment had been used for decades to insulate or “uncouple” ceramic tile and stone from the substrate underneath it. This process is essential for eliminating many of the problems associated with tile installation including the loosening of tiles and their cracking.

In years past, underlayments were typically made of plywood and required a long and complicated installation process. These days, the introduction of more modern materials like the Laticrete Strata_Mat has made the process more reliable, versatile and affordable.

The Strata_Mat is another iteration in the evolution of underlayment materials. Not only can it eliminate the transmission of cracks up to 1/8th inch in size, it also provides hydration vents for faster curing, lays down with visible chalk lines and allows the use of both modified and unmodified mortars. In short, it is a tile layer’s dream.

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Photo Source: Laticrete