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Decorating with Dark Color Schemes

When choosing color schemes, sometimes we forget to consider dark, dramatic looks. While you may not want your entire home in a dark scheme, sometimes having one room decorated in dark values can offer an interesting break from all the light. Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright explored the philosophy of compression and release in many of his designs. This theory deals with how we psychologically handle the feeling of enclosure. When you enter a building or stand under a low ceiling you may feel a slight sensation of being trapped. Then, when you move into an open space you will feel a tremendous weight has been lifted. Using a balance of dark and light spaces to offer a variety of experiences in your home can produce a similar dynamic effect as you move throughout the home.

When you think about what room you’d decorate with dark colors, many people will easily consider an office, library, lounge or theater room. We’d like to offer some more prominent room ideas here to consider before jumping right to light color schemes:

Dark Entry: If you have a defined entryway in your home, using a dark color is the best way to achieve what Wright accomplished in his architecture. When you enter a home from the outside, immediately feel that sense of compression, then walk into a living space that’s lighter and more open, the effect is accomplished.

Dark Bathroom: A darkly painted, wallpapered, or tiled bathroom will give it an immediate luxury factor! Use an interesting mirror and choose lighting fixtures that play up the luxurious feel.

Dark Bedroom: A dark bedroom can feel sophisticated in a warm, enclosing way.  Use darker colors to create a calm retreat. Darkly painted walls with carefully considered lighting can set the tone for both romance and good rest!

Dark color schemes aren’t for everyone, but they are worth considering. We think they’re fantastic. We love the way light plays off dark colors—both natural and artificial lighting create different moods and aesthetic effects. Pops of color and whites look even more vibrant when surrounded by darker colors. Test Wright’s theory for yourself and start picking out some dark color schemes!