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Beach Baby: A How-To Decorate Guide

In this installment of our How-To-Decorate series we are going to discuss a beach theme. If the wash of waves and sand under your feet is your idea of paradise, move it indoors and try this style out!
Decorating around a theme is often the best way to create a room that is impressive. It provides an easy way to ensure that the room is ‘pulled together’ by way of a common thread. It also helps with decisions such as color selection, accessorizing, and furnishings. Rather than ponder whether or not to buy that amazing couch you just found, you can quickly and confidently say ‘yay or nay.’ Either it works with the theme, or it doesn’t!

To make it even easier we are offering our guidelines in short and succinct bulleted lists. We’ve found that when working with a theme, it’s more effective to pick and choose possibilities a la carte. Otherwise, you risk ‘overdoing it’ with the theme and end up with a room that might look it belongs in a theme park. Less is more. Lastly, when going about it this way the overall project seems less daunting. Just pick what you like and work it into your plan!

Here are some ideas to bring a beach feeling to your space!


    • Mint green
    • Soft pink
    • Kelly green
    • Chocolate brown
    • White
    • Beige
    • Ocean blues and greens


    • Glass vases and bowls filled with sand, a candle, and shells
    • Mason jars wrapped in fisherman’s netting
    • Iridescent back splashes that catch and reflect sunlight
    • Sheer, gauzy window treatments that float on a breeze


    • Plenty of natural sunlight during the day, ideally direct sunlight for a few hours each day
    • Suspension lanterns hung from ceiling
    • Overhead light fixture as part of a ceiling fan


    • Natural or lightly stained wood
    • Rattan /Wicker
    • Linen cushions