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Bathroom Remodel: 4 Smart Strategies to Get You Started

Flooring is an immensely important part of the decision-making process when you’re planning a bathroom remodel. One of its primary purposes is to affect the look and style of the room, but it must also make perfect sense when it comes to function. For these two reasons tile continues to be the most popular material used in bathroom remodeling projects. Here’s the breakdown on tiling considerations you should keep in mind!

Pick an appropriate material

  • Before deciding on patterns and colors you like, it’s critical to select tile that is manufactured specifically for use in wet areas. We can talk to you about the three key tile considerations: grade, water absorption, and friction ratings. These specifics will ensure that the tile can withstand water exposure and that you won’t slip and fall.

Factor in your fixtures

  • Keep in mind, also, that flooring jobs are technical because it’s often necessary to remove fixtures such as the toilet and vanity. Removals such as these have a direct effect on tile installation, as well as the quantity of materials you’ll need. For example, two bathrooms that are the exact same square footage will require differing quantities of tiles if one has a floating vanity while the other has a built-in vanity. A floating vanity doesn’t touch the floor and therefore necessitates additional tile flooring beneath it.

Think about the future

  • Are you planning to live in the house past retirement age?  If so, you may want to consider remodeling the space in a way that will assist you if mobility is limited in the future.  Options include a level entry shower or plywood substrate in the shower for attaching future hand bars.

Consider your space

  • If you want a safe bet aesthetically speaking, a good rule of thumb is to use large tiles with large patterns. This will look nice in most any bathroom space. If you happen to have a large bathroom, however, you can safely explore various sizes and patterns. In either size space it’s totally acceptable, and stylish, to mix and match styles of tile. Don’t hesitate to use two contrasting tiles. If it’s a small bathroom, just be sure to keep the accent tiles to a minimum so the design doesn’t feel chaotic.

There are many aspects of bathroom remodeling projects – but don’t let these overwhelm you!  Visit our Learning Center or visit one of our showrooms.  Our showroom design consultants are always ready to help you with any questions!