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Why You Should Install Radiant Tile Floors for Winter

Are you searching for a way to keep your toes toasty this season of cold weather? We invite you to consider Schluter Ditra Heat when installing radiant tile floors for winter.

Schluter Ditra Heat floor warming systems are clean, quiet, and easily programmable. This makes them a solid investment in both comfort and eco-friendly living. The electric radiant heat they provide will not only help keep you warm, they’ll also help you trim your energy bills throughout the winter.

The system is ideal for new and old homes alike and is a viable alternative to installing new insulation or a larger furnace. When coupled with a programmable thermostat and zone heating system, Schluter Ditra Heat can make it much easier to control the temperature within your home. This gives you the flexibility to direct your heat to precisely the rooms you are using.

Further, installing Nuheat is a cost-effective investment that will add considerable value to your home. In fact, radiant floor heating is a popular feature that many home buyers appreciate.

We can help you select the right tiles to pair with your radiant flooring system. Please contact us at Conestoga Tile today and we’ll be happy to send you some suggestions from our inventory.