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Why You Should Choose Ceramic Tile, Part 2

We are at the second part of our series about why you should choose ceramic tile for your floor.  In our last post, we talked about the fact that ceramic tile is amazingly durable, low maintenance and low in owner cost.  However, we aren’t done!

Ceramic tile creates a powerful first impression and has the ability to bring any space (indoors or out) to life with the use of colors, textures and shapes. Due to major advancements in technology, ceramic tile products are more design-oriented, stronger, and more versatile than ever before. In addition to the qualities of ceramic tile that we have listed so far, homeowners are choosing ceramic tile because it often fits their taste and lifestyle better than other floor and wall coverings.

Have you ever pictured your ideal space?  Many times, after envisioning a dream space, we must come back to reality and realize that the materials in the real world can’t perform in the way we have imagined.  But what if you didn’t need to lessen your dreams? Tile absolutely wins in the versatility category.  It can be used on floors or walls, comes in a multitude of colors, shapes, and textures and is only limited by your own imagination.

Using only tile, every tile installation on Earth has the ability to be absolutely unique.  Adding natural stone, glass or metal to the ceramic and the number of possibilities is limitless.  What can you imagine?

Ceramic tile is the perfect choice for areas that see a fair share of splashing children, wet feet and dripping umbrellas. This is not a job for lesser materials.  The water-resistant property of the tile pairs perfectly with the various textures on the market.  Swimming pools, locker rooms and bathrooms are possible thanks to the wonder we call tile.

New floors in your home look beautiful.  But the day they start to look dull or faded is a sad one.  Due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 2300⁰ F, ceramic tile will not fade and is not affected by UV rays. Properly maintained tile will look like new for decades.

The high firing temperature also results in a fire-resistant material that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).   VOCs contribute to a wide variety of health issues and are often the cause of “sick building syndrome”. There are “zero” VOCs in ceramic tile where some wood, carpet and vinyl floors contain low VOCs.

Ceramic tile is also hypoallergenic and unlivable for bacteria, germs, mold and mites. This is good news for people with allergies and asthma.

Are you convinced of the enormity of reasons to use tile in your home?  If you have any questions about this amazing material, feel free to ask us any questions you may have!  Stop by one of our locations and ask a Showroom Consultant.  Meanwhile, we will continue to find more reasons to love our tile floors!