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Why Large Floor Tile Designs Continue to Grow in Popularity

large floor tile designs

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Bigger. Better. Prettier than ever. That is the motto of the many new large floor tile designs manufacturers are creating these days. When it comes to magnificence, manufacturers are getting close to perfection.

Large floor tile designs are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. They are dramatic, easy to clean, and create a genuinely appealing look within the rooms where they are installed. Plus, because there are fewer grout lines to deal with, they are easier and faster to install.

The reduced number of grout lines also means that the visual appearance is less distracting. This creates a solid foundation that makes creating accents within the room a breeze. For those homeowners who choose to create patterns using a variety of shades and tones, the results are dramatic and highly personalized. In fact, they’re so large that they can’t help but be noticed and admired by everyone fortunate enough to see them within the bathroom, kitchen, foyer, or dining area.

We encourage you to contact Conestoga Tile for more details about the large floor tile designs we carry. We’ll be happy to showcase them for you and help you select the ones that are ideal for your home.