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Versatile Tile

One question we have often been asked is “Where can I use tile?”.  The easier question to answer would be “Where can I not use tile?”.  Tile is no longer confined to the floors of bathrooms and kitchens but has found its way into every room of the house.  It has even found its way to the outdoors!  Floors are no longer the only place to find this material – it can be found in places you would never expect to find it! Tile is such a versatile material that it is only limited by the imagination.  The amazingly creative uses that homeowners have begun to find for tile never ceases to amaze.

Tile is naturally hypoallergenic – it is nearly impermeable, even by water.  Due to this, tile is a wonderful choice for the bedroom, especially for those who suffer from extreme allergies.  Don’t stop with the floor, however!  Tile is great for walls and has been used for one-of-a-kind headboard.

When cared for properly, tile can outlast many other materials.  Proper care of tile is also much simpler than care of materials such as wood, carpet, and metal.  These factors add up to an overall less expensive material over the course of time.

Due to tile’s impermeability, it is well suited for the outdoors as well. Wood-look tile, indistinguishable from wood, is perfect for around the pool or a patio.  Unlike wood, it won’t need to be sanded down and refinished and will not hand out splinters to bare feet. Glass tile is even more beautiful when it is seen in full sunlight.  A Conestoga Tile representative can assist you in choosing the right tile for outdoor use.

No matter where you turn in your home, inside or out, there is a surface that would benefit from versatile tile.  If you have any questions about possible uses, or for more design ideas, contact the tile experts at Conestoga Tile!