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Unique Bedroom Flooring Idea: Stone Tiles

If you’re tired of the same old look in your bedroom and want to try something that will get attention, consider stone tile for your bedroom floors. Tile is a material you can feel comfortable with on your kitchen floor or backsplash, but it can just as easily ramp up the style in your sleeping area. With the right touches added to the room, you will have a space that is both warm and comfortable.


Finding the best material for bedroom use is key. Feel free to speak with one of our showroom consultants who can help educate you on the stone tile that will work best for your space. To be sure that you can enjoy this material for years to come, also be prepared to have the floors properly sealed. Sealing will ensure that your flooring is impervious to anything you can throw at it.


Natural stone comes from the earth and therefore gives your bedroom space a natural and unique look which can create a welcoming atmosphere in the space. Since this type of flooring is harder and cooler underfoot, being sure that you add some warmth to it will go a long way in making your sanctuary as comfortable as possible. If you want to keep decorations minimal and let the floors speak for themselves, radiant heating may be the best option. This way, you won’t have to worry about stepping on a cold floor in the morning. You can leave the waking up part of your hot shower and coffee instead!


To further warm up your space, try a thicker bedsheet set with textured accent pillows and curtains of a heftier material on the windows to add some visual weight. Don’t be afraid to add some texture to enrich the look of the room. If your choice of stone tile is darker, be sure to have your walls and decor a lighter tone to keep the area balanced.


No matter what your questions are about stone flooring for your bedroom, we are happy to help!  Visit one of our showrooms today to see what we have to offer.