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In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and design, sustainability has taken center stage. The tile industry is at the forefront, acknowledging the imperative for eco-friendly practices. Tile producers are actively prioritizing responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, and waste reduction. Explore the following resources that underscore the tile industry’s dedication to building a greener future.


Tile production uses a variety of recycled content – such as fired or unfired tile, clay, and dust. This material would be referenced as “Pre-Consumer” content and typically makes up the bulk of recycled content in tile. Some factories also utilize reclaimed glass which is reported as “Post-Consumer” content.


The Green Squared logo

Green Squared is the first multi-attribute sustainability standard for tile and tile installation materials. It uses the ANSI® process combined with third party certification to evaluate and validate products based on a variety of environmental and societal impacts.

Green Squared is recognized by leading green building standards and certification programs.


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and Sustainability Reports are now available from many manufacturers. These documents provide transparency in manufacturing and business practices, allowing consumers to make informed decisions. These can also contribute towards LEED credits along with other certification programs.

Industry Wide Type III EPDs

The tile industry recognizes the importance of EPDs in today's product selection process. These Industry Wide Type III EPDs represent a wide variety of manufacturers who have come together to provide valuable information on their products.


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Developed by the design industry, for the design industry – mindful MATERIALS has become a trusted resource which collects sustainability certifications & information in one searchable database.

You can find many of our manufacturers through the mM Portal, including:  Cotto D’este, Fiandre, Florida Tile, Florim, Lea, Mediterranea, Metropolitan Ceramics, Milestone by Florim USA, Mosa, Panaria USA. 







Embodied carbon refers to the emissions arising from the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials. Porcelain tile contains the least embodied carbon of any competitive floor covering, partially due to its long life cycle. Manufacturers also focus on optimizing production, by lowering consumption of raw materials, water, and energy, to reduce their product’s embodied carbon footprint.

Carbon offsets are a reduction in emissions – or an increase in carbon storage that is used to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. These manufacturers utilize offsets to provide Carbon Neutral collections: Cotto D’este, Lea, Milestone by Florim USA, Panaria.