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Tips for Eclectic Style Decorating

Florida Tile Storied collection color Saffron Yellow

Florida Tile Storied collection color Saffron Yellow

When decorating with different interior styles, there are some tips that will help mesh the room together. Often couples have different interior style preferences that need blending to create eclectic style decorating. Don’t get discouraged…it can be done!

Begin With a Clean Slate

Before you begin to combine styles, set up your room for success.  Remove all current furnishings and examine the state of the bare room.  Do walls need to be repainted?  Does the floor need to be updated or replaced?  Try starting with a beautiful new floor using wood-look porcelain tile or a neutral tile throughout the room.  A tile floor will look beautiful for many years to come and will most likely outlast any of the furniture within the room!

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

In this style of décor, the walls should remain neutral. Colors have a powerful impact on a space and the attention should not be directed to the walls!

Select a color that can act as a neutral backdrop for the elements within the space. Whites, creams, and grays are the best color choices for this kind of space. A neutral paint color will not interfere with the eclectic mixture of furniture and accessories.

Be Aware of Balance and Proportion

When mixing various styles it is important to pay close attention to balance and proportion.  A room is typically viewed as a whole and disproportionate furnishings and unbalanced layouts are instantly noticed by the human eye. While you are decorating, place items such as rugs and artwork in the area you intend on placing them. Stand back and observe. If your eye tells you an item is too large or too small, save that item for a different area.

Mix Together Both Styles of Artwork

Choose a healthy balance of each style when hanging artwork. The key is to give equal weight to each style. Integrate the two different styles by selecting art that has a common color in the subject matter. Choose similarly styled frames. Always keep proportions in mind. Make sure the size of the art is proportionate for it’s intended location.

Mixing two different styles together is definitely possible to create eclectic style decorating. Stay focused on keeping an even balance of each style and managing your proportions! If something feels out of place, chances are it is. Play around with the placement of furniture and accessories. Go with your instincts and have fun moving things around! If you have any questions while redecorating, feel free to contact us or stop by one of our showrooms!