The Next Generation Solution, Part 3 - Conestoga Tile

The Next Generation Solution, Part 3

.We are currently presenting part 3 of our four-part series on the Next Generation Solutions for aging in place.  If you haven’t already, read Part 1 regarding the issues that are created by the aging in place model and Part 2 where we explored the hurdles in creating a bathroom that can accommodate these issues. Part 3 presents an option that is currently available – the Kerdi Shower System.

Thankfully, Schluter Systems has listened to the needs of the consumer, designer, tile manufacturer and builder. The Kerdi Shower System that allows homeowners and designers free reign. Those responsible for installation get a material that is capable of everything that is demanded of it.

At the heart of this system is the Kerdi Board. This material is vapor-tight, insulates, can be manipulated to form creative designs, is flat, rigid and stable. It is a lightweight building material with a waterproof membrane on the surface that integrates with traditional building materials such as wood or tile.  In fact, it was made specifically for tile.  The board can be cut and used as stud frame walls, partition walls, and even shower elements such as benches or niches.

Most contractors have pulled apart an existing shower to find wood that is molded or drywall that is falling apart. Kerdi board lasts much longer than either of these materials and therefore saves money down the road.  The board is easy to work with in traditional ways but is much more forgiving than drywall or concrete board. It is lighter, easier to cut, and can be installed more quickly than either material.

The Kerdi Shower system is designed to work together seamlessly, giving the builder the materials that are necessary for the job every time including drains, finishing materials and edge-protection and decorative details.  It opens the imagination of designers and builders alike – allowing the construction of contours and beautiful curves.  In fact, if you can imagine it, you can build it.  Kerdi board can even be used to create vanities and countertops.

Please join us next for the conclusion of our series, The Next Generation Solution.