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The Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful choice for flooring and other surfaces. Taking care of natural stone is essential in order to keep it looking fabulous for years to come.

Our supplier Naturally Beautiful Surfaces, or NBS, offers great care and maintenance tips. Homeowners can use these tips to keep their natural stone surfaces clean and retain their beauty:

  • Wash floors clean of loose debris, dirt, and other particles using soft, clean cloths, sponges, or mops and warm water. Allow the surface to air dry.
  • Rinse the surface a second time, if necessary, to remove additional film.
  • Apply a thin coat of sealer and let it dry for three to five minutes. Be sure to remove excess sealer before it dries. After three to five hours, the surface should be ready to receive foot traffic, but it must be kept dry and free of anything that could cause stains for 72 hours. Be sure to use a penetrating sealer as natural stone is porous.
  • If a natural stone floor is heavily trafficked, it should be cleaned and rinsed daily until all evidence of dirt is removed, and then allowed to dry.

It is also important to note that sweeping compounds that contain oil shouldn’t be used on natural stone because it will discolor the surface in time. Acidic cleaners or those containing bleach should not be used, either, as they can scratch the surface and ultimately ruin it. NBS says neutral cleaners, or those specifically created for use on natural stone surfaces, should be used.

The care and maintenance of natural stone surfaces will keep your stone in pristine condition and ensure that it will last a lifetime. If you have additional questions about caring for and maintaining natural stone surfaces, please contact Conestoga Tile.