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The Benefits of a Backsplash

APE Group Grunge color Iron 3x12 backsplash tile

APE Group Grunge color Iron 3×12 backsplash tile

If you are considering installing a backsplash in your kitchen but you’re just not sure it’s the right choice, read on to find out the benefits of adding one to your home!


While there are a lot of good things to say about having a backsplash, let’s remember the number one reason they exist.  They are there to protect the walls behind the sink or stove from being splattered with water or food particles.  Without protections for these areas, you will be scrubbing your walls with harsh cleaners and abrasive sponges which can damage those surfaces and cause them to exhibit premature signs of wear and tear.  Not to mention that there will be water and food stains that just won’t come out no matter how hard you scour them.


Easy Cleaning

Instead of ruining your walls, a backsplash will protect those areas while also being easy to clean.  There are a variety of materials to choose from, and as long as they are sealed properly upon installation, cleaning will be a breeze.  Just a quick wipe down each day will keep your backsplash looking like new.  Be sure to educate yourself on what household cleaners are best to use on the backsplash material you have chosen.


Water & Stain Resistant

In addition to being easy to clean, when properly sealed your backsplash will be water and stain resistant which will help prevent damage to the areas behind your stove and sink and keep pests away from the kitchen area.  If there are no stray crumbs to find back there, then they won’t pay you a visit!  Having such a low-maintenance item in the kitchen will cut down on cleaning time and give you time to focus on enjoying your food creations!


Value & Style

Backsplashes are impressive based on their functionality, but they also add value and style to your home.  When guests enter your kitchen and see a beautiful backsplash, it gives the space a more polished look.  The room may look incomplete without it. Not only that, but you can use the opportunity of installing a backsplash to create a focal point in your space.  You can get creative and add a mosaic above the stove or a border around the entire countertop area.  If the main features of your kitchen feel a little too standard, use your backsplash design as a way to draw the viewer’s attention with added visual interest.

See some great backsplash ideas on our inspiration page and visit a Conestoga Tile showroom near you to see the wide range of options we offer.