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Should I Use a Shower Door or a Shower Curtain?

Bathtubs and showers are frequently found in bathrooms. Their shape and size may differ, but one thing tends to remain pretty consistent; a way to keep the water in this area and out of the rest of the bathroom is generally needed. There are many different ways of doing this. Some are temporary, others are permanent, and all of them make a statement in the bathroom. There isn’t any right or wrong answer in what it is you should use in your bathroom; the choice to use a shower curtain or a shower door can depend on many different personal factors.


Using a shower curtain gives you the opportunity to change up the look of your bathroom from time to time. If you like switching things up seasonally, for the holidays, or for no reason at all, a shower curtain gives you the chance to give your bathroom a new color scheme or style simply by switching it out.

Shower doors have a different appearance to them. One that is more polished and sophisticated. However, there are several different kinds of shower doors; you may prefer using a curtain with a tub because you don’t like the look of sliding doors on top of the tub, while doors on a standalone shower look fine.

Size and Function

There are times when a shower door or a splash panel is more practical than a curtain. If your shower is small, for example, a curtain could blow in attracted by the steam, taking up space and sticking to your legs. In this case, a door or a splash panel is the better choice.

Large showers that use two walls of glass also can make better use of a shower door and fixed panel than a curtain. This is because while there are curved and corner curtain rods, they can be difficult to install and find the right-sized curtain. Tubs and mid-sized showers tend to do fine with curtains because they are quick and easy to install.

If you have a curtain in place, it’s also fairly easy to remove if you do decide to change to a door down the road, so don’t feel that this is a choice you need to make the second your new shower is completed.


The final consideration in your decision between a shower door or shower curtain should be based on the material behind it.  Do you have an attractively tiled shower?  Make sure to display it as well as possible.  In this case, a glass shower door may be preferred.  Does your shower look outdated or out of place with the rest of the bathroom?  A shower curtain may be the best path for now.

Conestoga tile can help with your decision and can help your shower look its best in preparation for that glass door!  Contact us if you have any questions or visit one of our showrooms.  Our Showroom Consultants are always happy to help.