Roca Lithology Edition - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

The Roca Lithology Edition brings a touch of natural beauty to any living space, with its diverse range of stone-look porcelain tiles. Whether you prefer the sleek and modern feel of volcanic rock, the timeless elegance of marble, the organic warmth of travertine, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your unique style. These tiles are not just a practical choice for flooring or walls, but also a statement piece that adds depth and character to your home or office. Embrace the beauty of nature in your interior design with the Roca Lithology Edition.

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Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile


Natural / Matte


Natural / Matte

Not all colors available in both sizes. See product literature for details.

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile
Intended Use Residential, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial
Edge 12" x 24" pressed, 24" x 48" rectified
Thickness 8.5-10.8 mm
Durability Class IV
Exterior Use Yes, vertical only
Slip Resistance ≥0.42
Breaking Strength Min. 275
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Shade Variation

V3: Moderate variation (illustrated)

V3: Moderate variation