Pamarva Plata - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

The essential Plata collection is an alluring rendition of the finest natural marble surfaces while retaining the durability and painlessness that porcelain affords. Each tile presents the dramatic movement of marble, characterized by the raw beauty of silvery gray veining and natural cool tones. Rated for commercial and residential application.

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Glazed porcelain floor tile


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy

see literature for size details

2" Hexagon Mosaic

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed porcelain floor tile
Intended Use Residential, Light Commercial
Edge rectified
Thickness 8.5-9 mm
Durability Class IV
Slip Resistance ≥0.50 matte
Breaking Strength ANSI ≥380
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Shade Variation

V3: Moderate variation (illustrated)

V3: Moderate variation