Mercado Terralma - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

The Terralma Collection is a glazed ceramic tile that embodies the essence of the earth, celebrating the raw beauty of materials. Inspired by nature's dynamic palette, it offers stunning tones that harmonize seamlessly. Whether for walls or floors, this collection brings a distinctive earthy touch, infusing spaces with natural beauty and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression.

Ceramic Wall Tile


Natural / Matte

Mos Brick Pass Mosaic

Mos Connect Chevron Mosaic

Mos Sew Mosaic

Mos Tear Mosaic

Technical Data

Material Type Ceramic Wall Tile
Intended Use Residential
Edge Pressed
Thickness 8mm
Durability Class 0
Exterior Use No
Slip Resistance N/A
Breaking Strength >250 lbf

Shade Variation

V1: Uniform appearance (illustrated)

V1: Uniform appearance