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Looking for a classic black and white checkerboard pattern, solid white, solid black, or something in between? Pure from Lungarno can bring your dream space to life. Describing this porcelain floor tile as understated would be inaccurate. The glazed polished finish offers a crisp and sophisticated touch, while the matte option exudes a casual yet modern ambiance. Available in various sizes, including large formats, this collection is particularly appealing for commercial projects.

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Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy

Only Frost White Polished is available in 24" x 48"

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile
Intended Use Residential, Light Commercial
Edge rectified
Thickness 3/8"
Durability Class III
Exterior Use Yes, vertical only
Slip Resistance ≥0.42 Matte
Surface Abrasion (MOHS) 6.0 Polished, 7.0 Matte
Breaking Strength ≥ 250 lbf. avg.
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Shade Variation

V1: Uniform appearance (illustrated)

V1: Uniform appearance