Shibui - Conestoga Tile

Shibui is Japanese for elegant, refined and tasteful. How fitting a name for this collection from Lunada Bay. The Shibui glass mosaics are manufactured by artisans who pull and stretch layers transparent and opaque glass when it’s in its molten state. After the cooling process the edges are smoothed and the final product is a very contemporary glass mosaic. Silk finish can be used for light residential floor applications.

1x1 Mosaic

1x4 Mosaic

Minibrick Mosaic

Mini Mosaic

Pompei Mosaic

Technical Data

Material Type Glass
Durability Class I
Exterior Use No
Slip Resistance ≥0.42
Breaking Strength > 350 psi

Shade Variation

V4: Random variation (illustrated)

V4: Random variation