Cement Project - Conestoga Tile

Cement project is a multi-faceted large format porcelain tile in two styles and varying shades of gray. Cem recreates classic handcrafted cement textures in a distinctive sheen finish. Work takes the industrial look of cement and imprints wood graining into it for a modern fusion. Available in Kerlite 5plus, rated for floor and wall applications commercially and residentially.

Glazed Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile


Natural / Matte


Natural / Matte


Natural / Matte

All colors are not available in all sizes. View individual colors for details.

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Edge Rectified
Thickness 5.5mm
Durability Class IV
Slip Resistance ≥0.42

Shade Variation

V2: Slight variation (illustrated)

V2: Slight variation