Black - White - Conestoga Tile

The simple color combination of black and white is a prominent design element in styles from classic Victorian to modern elegant. This Kerlite product is available in 3 different whites to help you find the perfect match for your décor.  Black - White is available in Kerlite 3plus (3mm thick, floors and walls) and Kerlite 5plus (5 mm thick, floors and walls).

Glazed Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy


Natural / Matte
Polished / Glossy

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Edge Rectified
Thickness 3.5mm, 5.5mm
Durability Class IV

Shade Variation

V1: Uniform appearance (illustrated)

V1: Uniform appearance