Concerti Mayfair - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

Mayfair wall tiles are the perfect choice for any designer looking to add a touch of geometric design to their space. With square, rectangle, and picket shapes available, there are endless possibilities to create a unique and visually stunning look. Additionally, the crackle effect adds an extra layer of interest to the tiles. One of the standout features of Mayfair tiles is their Victorian look, which blends traditional ceramic tiles with modern design trends. This combination of old and new creates a timeless yet contemporary feel that will elevate any interior wall space.

Ceramic Wall Tile


Polished / Glossy


Polished / Glossy

2.5" x 6" Picket

Technical Data

Material Type Ceramic Wall Tile
Edge pressed
Thickness 5/16"
Durability Class 0
Exterior Use No
Breaking Strength Min. 600 / Resistant

Shade Variation

V2: Slight variation (illustrated)

V2: Slight variation