Concerti Malibu - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

Get your feet wet with the Malibu Collection: Where coastal dreams are just a step away. Each porcelain tile captures the essence of calm airy mornings and sun-kissed afternoons. The collection features a palette inspired by ocean hues and incorporates textures reminiscent of gentle ripples “shore” to make a splash. Start designing with the Malibu Collection and create a space where every day feels like a vacation- without having to call off.
Rated for residential and commercial wall applications.

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Porcelain Wall Tile


Polished / Glossy

Technical Data

Material Type Porcelain Wall Tile
Edge pressed
Thickness 3/8"
Durability Class 0
Exterior Use No
Breaking Strength R>35 N/mm2 /Conforms
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Shade Variation

V3: Moderate variation (illustrated)

V3: Moderate variation