Concerti Gesso - Conestoga Tile - Conestoga Tile

Unveil the brilliance of subtlety with The Gesso Collection. Introduce the art of refined minimalism with clean lines and smooth coordinating patterns. These contemporary porcelain tiles draw inspiration from the delicate grace of gesso preparation in art. Utilizing multidimensional impressions and fresh neutral tones, brighten any space in a pinch. Let the Gesso Collection be your canvas, ensuring every surface is a work of art.
Rated for floor/wall application, both residential and commercial use.

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Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile


Natural / Matte

Diagonal Deco

Round Deco

Straight Deco

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile
Intended Use Residential, Light Commercial
Edge pressed
Durability Class IV
Slip Resistance .42
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Shade Variation

V2: Slight variation (illustrated)

V2: Slight variation