An Andalusian daydream tenders a luscious green hillside, trickling streams, and tranquil farmlands bordering Spain’s stunning southern coastline. The Andalucia Collection offers nothing short of this stunningly surreal reverie. Available in four charming patterns, the collection poses a quartet of muted color patterns that induce a peaceful state of mind. Composed of printed porcelain, this series emits the feel of a delicate cottage yet bears the durability of an industrial space. The conventional 8"x8" format remained native to Andalusia for centuries. This series embodies the durability of modern craftsmanship. However, the tiles thoughtfully exhibit the aboriginal details of traditional Moorish architecture. This can be seen in the usage of the antique patina in hues of blue, green, yellow, and organic grays. Book your next vacation in Spain, or simply import the feel of a breezy Andalusian summer into your residential or commercial space with the Andalucia tile series, for a daily dose of serendipitous adventure.

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  • 8" x 8"


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Class III
Exterior Use
Slip Resistance


  • 0.80
Recycled Content
Shade Variation
V3: Moderate variation V3: Moderate variation
Certified Porcelain