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The Perfect Kitchen for The Entertainer

Over the years, you have been referred to as the “best party host.” But if you are being honest, you could not have gotten to this place without your kitchen. Your kitchen has been the perfect place for entertaining family, friends, and guests.  Read on to learn how to create the perfect kitchen for the entertainer.

Tip #1: Know Your Hosting Style.

Before you can plan your perfect kitchen, you will need to understand your hosting style. To help you better assess your personal hosting style, we have created three quick questions to ask yourself:

1.  How many guests do you plan on hosting at your house?

2. What type of meals do you plan on cooking in your kitchen?

3. How many people will be using/cooking in the kitchen?

These three questions can contribute to the layout, function, and needs of your kitchen. Once you decide on your hosting style, you can seek advice on the kitchen’s layout.


Tip #2: Know Your Cooking Style.

Kitchens that are made for entertainment tend to focus more on the size of the space and interacting with guests. The hosts tend to care less about having top-of-the-line appliances and more about having a quality conversation.

Things to consider: 

    • Rather than buying expensive kitchen appliances, try and focus on kitchen items that you need at a more affordable price. Typically, homeowners, who love to entertain, are not focused on buying the most expensive oven and stovetop. They want to make sure that they have enough room to cook and prepare the meal and they tend to buy middle-price range appliances.
    • Cooking without enough outlets can be a disaster waiting to happen! If you plan on using electronic appliances, make sure you have enough outlets around your kitchen.


Tip #3: Think About The Clean-Up.

A love for entertaining comes with a few sacrifices like dirty dishes. To help speed up the clean-up process, equip your kitchen with plenty of drying space and surfaces that are easy to clean.  This includes smooth countertops and tile flooring that resists water and stains.  Tile is the most popular choice for this space for a reason!


Tip #4: Add Beautiful-Bonuses.

If you are a wine fanatic or espresso enthusiast, you may want to add a few special touches to your kitchen. Guests will always appreciate a cool glass of aged wine or a fresh espresso drink after dinner. Impress your guests with these added bonuses.


We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks! Happy entertaining!