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How To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger


Working with a small bathroom is a relative problem for many people. Unless you have built a new home or have purchased a large home, small bathrooms seem to be a common struggle for a large portion of the population. Apartment or condo living generally has at least one small bathroom. Find out how to better utilize space and give the appearance of a larger bathroom.

Do not overdo the use of bright colors. Using bright or dramatic colors makes a space feel more closed in. When working with a small space, stick to using neutral paint colors and materials. When working with neutrals be more conscientious about using textures. Layering textures allows you to add interest to a space without creating a dramatic look that tends to make a small space look cramped.

Utilize bathroom tools for storing toiletries and other items. There is a wide selection of attractive shower caddies and tub trays that fit right to the shower or tub. This instantly gives you more storage for toiletries. Shallow floating shelves are great for storing everyday items you use as well as adding interest to the walls.

Draw the eye upwards by painting the frame of a window a contrasting color to the wall. Add a chair rail to the wall and paint it a slightly more contrasting color than the wall. By using a contrasting paint color on a window or chair rail, the focus of the room is instantly drawn upward and makes the space feel larger. You can also add art to the walls to draw the eye upwards. Be careful not to add too many pieces or oversized frames. Keep artwork simple and proportionate for the room.

Keep shower curtains light. In a small bathroom avoid using a bold shower curtain. Use a light-colored fabric, such as linen or get a translucent clear curtain that has a texturing effect that makes the curtain seem translucent while maintaining privacy.

Finally, use only large tile on the floor of the bathroom.  Large tiles on the floor will open the space while small tiles seem to close the space.  The change between the two sizes is dramatic! For a small demonstration of this effect, look at the left and right side of the image above.

If you have any questions about the best size of tiles for your room, feel free to ask any of our showroom consultants or contact us!