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Helpful Budgeting Tips from the National Kitchen and Bath Association

National Kitchen and Bath Association


The National Kitchen and Bath Association knows that upgrading your kitchen and bath can add considerable value to your home. It can also cost you a pretty penny to get the rooms you desire. For this reason, it’s best to follow these simple budgeting tips that will help ensure your remodeling projects generate a positive return when you sell your home:

  • Determine how much you want to spend. Set this as your bottom line. It’s good to do this first as it will help you pick out materials and features later.
  • Break your costs down to the smallest level. Add up the price of the tile, fixtures, lighting, and appliances. Don’t forget to add labor costs, permits, etc. into your calculations.
  • Expect the unexpected. Always “pad” your budget by about 20 percent to account for things that might come up during your remodeling.
  • Work closely with your contractors. Make sure they’re staying on top of their work and their expenditures.

We would be happy to help you complete your tile work on time, and on budget. Please contact us at Conestoga Tile with your design ideas and we’ll help you put together a budget that doesn’t break the bank.