Green Squared Initiative Sets Environmental Standards for Tile

Green Squared Initiative Sets Environmental Standards for the Tile Industry

In response to the growing awareness of construction’s environmental impact, initiatives and programs have emerged to promote sustainability. Among these initiatives is the Green Squared Initiative developed by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). Serving as North America’s first sustainable product program exclusively for tiles and tile installation materials, Green Squared sets an environmental standard for tile, creating a comprehensive framework for defining and recognizing sustainable tile products.

Green Squared focuses on promoting sustainability through five key sections of criteria, encompassing both required and elective elements:

  1. General Environmental Characteristics (Product Characteristics): This section addresses specific product attributes related to environmental considerations.
  2. Environmental Product Manufacturing (Including Raw Material Extraction): Criteria in this section pertain to the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, including the extraction of raw materials.
  3. End of Product Life Management: Green Squared emphasizes responsible approaches to the management of tile products at the end of their lifecycle, encouraging practices such as recycling and reuse.
  4. Progressive Corporate Governance (Associated with the Product): This section highlights the importance of corporate governance practices that align with sustainable principles.
  5. Innovation: Recognizing the dynamic nature of sustainability, the program encourages innovative approaches and solutions that contribute to environmental responsibility.

By establishing clear criteria and standards, Green Squared provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating and promoting sustainability in the tile industry. For further details on this environmental standard for tile, interested parties can visit the Green Squared website.