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Use Glass Tile for a Handcrafted Look

When it comes to tiling, most people select clay and porcelain tile for their project. This isn’t because these homeowners and renovators aren’t creative; it’s because clay and porcelain are two of the most known materials that tile is made of. However, if you’re looking for a unique, handcrafted appeal, then glass tiles are a perfect choice.

Installing glass tile can produce a truly unique design in any room of the home or business. These tiles are made to be distinctively creative, delivering effects which cannot be matched by other materials.

If you are an admirer of stained glass images and mosaics, glass tiles are the perfect selection for your interior decor. Creating backsplashes and artistic solutions for other areas of your home, such as the bathroom, is never easier then when using glass tile that comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

The methods used to make the tiles are a great benefit to you because it results in the appearance of metal, optical illusions, and ethereal designs that are unequaled.

When you are planning to install tile in your home, speak with our professionals at Conestoga Tile to fully explore your options. Our showrooms are located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia for your convenience and inspiration.  Feel free to contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer your home or office’s renovation.