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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Shower Tile

Next to layout and fixtures, picking the right tile is the hardest part of any bathroom design project. Here are some things to consider as you go through the process.

Source: Accessibility Resource Center

Source: Accessibility Resource Center

  1. Decide where you want small tiles, and where you want larger tiles. Small tiles work great for benches and counters, whereas larger tiles are better when installed on floors and walls.
  2. When using mosaic tile, choose one that offers at least 95% contact between the tile and the backer board. This will help ensure the tile never comes loose.
  3. Feel free to use tile to create accent walls. Choosing one tile color as the main theme, and another for the accent will give your bathroom an added layer of depth and color.
  4. Consider cleaning. Larger tiles are easier to clean and maintain than smaller mosaic tiles.
  5. Think about slips and spills. When installing tile on the floor, make sure it’s rated at least a C slip resistance.

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