Learn about Tile with these Education Programs

Education Through Conestoga Tile

Training new staff can pose challenges, but Conestoga Tile offers a solution through convenient online tile education. These courses can be easily completed at your office or sales sites, making the training process efficient and tailored to your business needs. Most classes require less than a full workday, ensuring that your new staff becomes knowledgeable enough to confidently interact with customers after just a few hours of training.

Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind, delivered entirely online with 24/7 access. Once enrolled, students have a 2-week (14 days) window to complete the course at their convenience, allowing for seamless integration into their schedules.

One essential course, “Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile,” is particularly suitable for new salespersons specializing in ceramic tile. With a completion time of 5-6 hours, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of ceramic tile, equipping your staff with the knowledge needed for effective customer interactions.

Another valuable course, “Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone,” caters to salespeople, design professionals, and installation experts. This course covers everything about natural stone, from its geologic formation to cleaning and care, ensuring that your team can confidently address any questions your clients may have.

In addition to these online classes, Conestoga Tile supports industry certifications such as Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist and Certified Tile Installer. These certifications give consumers confidence that your team has the knowledge and skills necessary to complete their project.

Equip your staff with the knowledge they need to excel in the tile industry. Contact us for more information on our convenient continuing education courses and industry certifications.