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Consider the Endless Marble Flooring Design Possibilities

Marble has long held a place of honor in the home, and there are some truly magnificent marble flooring design ideas that will bring your rooms to life.

marble flooring design ideas

Source: Houzz

The following are some of the best ways you can use marble to bring out true beauty within any home:

  • Honed marble provides a faded, more subtle appearance that is ideal for flooring. Plus, because it is not polished to perfection, it presents less of a slipping risk. However, it can be easily scratched so if you do install honed marble, you’ll want to adopt a “no shoes” policy in the home.
  • Tumbled marble is another great option that provides a natural, rustic appearance. The beauty of tumbled marble is that it is irregular and thus feels more natural. Using tumbled marble requires a little more preparation so that the finished pattern/design flows evenly from tile to tile. Because of this fact, most people choose larger tiles to make layout easier.

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