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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Laying Tile

Are you about to lay down some new tile in your bathroom, kitchen or great room? Every first-timer makes a few mistakes when laying tile. That is why we are here to help.

Here are several mistakes many people commit while laying tile:

  • Improper Adhesive. Especially in the bathroom or kitchen, novice tile installers commonly overlook the adhesive they choose to use. A waterproof adhesive is needed when laying down tile floor.
  • Too few tiles. Always buy more tile than you think you’ll need. Tiles will break, whether you’re installing them, moving them, or simply setting them down.
  • Not using battens. These thin wooden rods help ensure level and equally-spaced tiles. Learn how to use them.
  • Taking silly shortcuts. Clean the surface you’re working with. Remove wallpaper, sand wood, or scour tiles that will have a second layer added on top. Don’t skip a step in the process.
  • Corner dotting. Putting extra adhesive on the corners of tiles can create excess pressure and shrinkage, resulting in unsightly cracks and damage.
  • Grouting too quickly or unevenly. Wait at least 24 hours after setting the tiles before grouting them. Spread the grout with a squeegee and only focus on small areas at a time.
  • Not using a sealant. Fill the bathtub with water to put strain on it and seal the space between the tiles and tub. Otherwise, you’ll get leaks.

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