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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Shower Tile

Embarking on a bathroom design project involves myriad decisions, and among the most challenging is choosing the right tiles for your shower. This pivotal choice significantly influences the aesthetic and functionality of the space. To navigate this process with confidence, consider the following tips:

  1. Tile Size and Placement: Strategically decide where small and large tiles will be most effective. Small tiles are ideal for accentuating benches and counters, while larger tiles take center stage on floors and walls. This thoughtful placement enhances both visual appeal and functionality.
  2. Mosaic Tile Considerations: When opting for mosaic tiles, prioritize those with at least 95% contact between the tile and the backer board. This ensures a secure and durable installation, minimizing the risk of tiles coming loose over time.
  3. Accent Walls for Dimension: Elevate your bathroom design by incorporating accent walls with tiles. Choose a primary tile color and complement it with a different hue for the accent. This layering technique adds depth and a vibrant splash of color to your bathroom.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Consider the practicality of cleaning and maintenance. Larger tiles generally require less effort to clean than smaller mosaic tiles, simplifying the upkeep of your bathroom surfaces.
  5. Safety Concerns: Prioritize safety, especially when selecting floor tiles. Ensure that the chosen tiles meet industry standards for slip resistance, reducing the risk of slips and spills in your bathroom.

At Conestoga Tile, we bring over six decades of expertise to assist you in making informed decisions about tile selection and installation. Serving Columbia, Sterling, and Harrisburg since 1958, our commitment to quality ensures that your bathroom project is executed to the highest standards. Contact us today for personalized guidance and support throughout every step of your tile selection and installation process.