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Why Tile? A Style For Everyone

Tile has been one of the most sought-after flooring and wall covering products in the industry. From health benefits to easy maintenance, tile is a tried-and-true fan favorite that even our ancestors loved. Plus, with an endless selection of colors, finishes, and trends currently on the market, homeowners can instantly find design inspiration from tile perfect for any style.


One of the most significant features found in tile is its design versatility. From kitchens to baths to outdoor patios, tile can be used to style your space precisely to your liking. To help you get a better understanding of its versatility, we wanted to focus on a few different areas found throughout the home that can embrace all of tile’s benefits:



Tile is the perfect material for all styles of kitchens. Not only is there a varied selection, but tile is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain.  As homeowners, we all understand how important an easy-to-clean surface can be while prepping meals.  With tile, you have the unbeatable benefit of a gorgeous design and low-maintenance surface. Plus, you can enjoy the fact that tile will not burn. This means that you can place hot pots or pans on your tile countertops and be reassured that your surface will not be scorched or melted. Not to mention, tile can be used on practically any surface in the kitchen from floors to countertops to backsplash.

Kitchen tiles being used on the floor and backsplash in a white kitchen with an island and bright lights

Kitchens are the most used rooms in the home and therefore needs a product that will beautiful, rugged and easy to maintain.  Tile is the perfect solution!!! (photo courtesy of Florida Tile Peace of Mind)


Family Rooms

Although we may not initially think of tile being placed in the living room, tile has been used in living areas for thousands of years. It is often chosen for its durability and unbeatable beauty. Plus, you can incorporate it on the floors, walls, or fireplace surround to create a stunning focal point.

living room tiles with white couches and sun shining through the windows

If you’re looking for durability and beauty consider porcelain wood tile for your living room. (Photo of Sonoma Coast courtesy of Mediterranea Tile)



Being one of the most popular areas in the home for tile, bathrooms give homeowners an endless realm of design possibilities. From shower borders to backsplashes and floor to ceiling design, tile can make quite the statement in your bathroom. Most importantly, since tile is non-porous, it works perfectly in wet areas like bathrooms and leaves homeowners worry-free about mildew, bacteria, and fungi growth.

Novabell Sovereign tile in a bath room with white plumbing features

The options are unlimited when it comes to bathroom tile. There’s a style for all. (Sovereign series photo courtesy of Novabell)


Outdoor Spaces

Are you looking to make the perfect outdoor oasis? Tile can captivate guest’s attention with its beautiful craftsmanship and uniqueness. Tile offers outdoor spaces extra durability, easy maintenance, and slip resistance properties. These characteristics help make it the perfect choice for patios, walkways, pools, and other outdoor designs. Plus, since tile is fired at more than 2,500 degrees, it is able to withstand harsh temperatures while maintaining its elegant beauty.

Outdoor tie on a patio with furniture, plants and bushes.

Outdoor tiles are stylish and durable. (Photo courtesy of Cotto D’Este)


Commercial Properties

Tile is not limited to residential properties. Commercial real estate can also experience all of tile’s benefits while adding a stylish twist to any space. From countertops in retail stores to wall decor in boardrooms, tile provides an upscale, chic redesign for any space.

clothing store with grey commercial tile flooring, grey walls and bright lighting on the ceiling.

Because of it’s superior durability and beauty, tile is the perfect flooring for commercial areas that get a LOT of foot traffic. (Edge series photo courtesy of Florida Tile)


Aside from being a beautiful and diverse design element, tile is easy to maintain. Look for our other articles where we will talk about its easy maintenance and cleaning regiments.